Thursday, December 5, 2013


 I hear a big weather front is going to hit the midwest and they are supposed to get a lot of snow, so I thought I should post more snow pictures.   This is Coco-- he was Lisa's first Pekingese when she was ten years old and he began a love for the breed that continues to grow.  
 This is Leigh's Darcy-- this was taken a long time ago, but I'm sure the snow will be fun to play in if it comes this winter.
Kody and Sadie are in this one-- can we eat snow??
 If it's snowing outside, is it okay to just stay inside and watch?
Can curling up with Christmas toys be just as much fun?
Or is it better to get out there and romp!!  Sugar, who was adopted 6 years ago, loves the snow.
Leigh's Pekes say "get out in it!!"   If you mom can dig you a path, all the better!!    We don't have snow yet, but I think some Pekes are dreaming about it.     Look for more snow Pekes tomorrow.

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lady jicky said...

On the radio in Australia I hear that the USA is having a big Freeze!!!!
Infact - its summer here and this week has been so cold too! Well, not as cold as you have in the USA !!!