Thursday, March 19, 2015


 Cody and the rest of the gang wanted to be part of Desi's photo shoot, too.  
 But, he couldn't be still-- he was so excited!!  Desi was a little put out by him-- he was trying to eat the props!   How unprofessional-- Desi thinks he is a complete amateur.  (I think he's just cute!)
 Sometimes, you have to take a rest with Dad during a photo shoot.   Dollar is glad he could join him.
 Kipper is adorable! Is there a special closet for props?   All the hats and ties and backdrops.   I think some of those will be coming to our picnic on May 16 for the photo booth!  
 Oh, Rammi, you are too much in these glasses!  I just love it.  
 He gets special Dad time, too.    Roger is so good with Rammi.  
 Wanda didn't like photo shoots in the past.  
 But, at this one, she was actually whining with anticipation as she waited her turn.    She is definitely a daddy's girl and I bet she was keeping her eye on him.
Desi let Wanda wear one of her best hats-- it's so beautiful.   The dress is stunning, too.   I can't wait to see what they all wear to the picnic.  You know they will all be beautiful!

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lady jicky said...

OK .... where was Anna Wintour from Vogue????