Friday, March 27, 2009

DiDi, Friends and Playtime

DiDi has many friends in her new home. This is George. He is a very sweet dog. Jill, Hanna and DiDi drive him crazy but he is so gentle with them. George joined their family when his mom went into the hospital for surgery, but she died the next day. No one in her family asked about George or volunteered to have him join their family. So, he stayed with his new family-- what a sweet addition.
DiDi was one of our rescue/foster dogs. She was fostered by Jeanne and Bill in Richmond. Jeanne and her husband fell in love with DiDi! So they adopted her. If you foster with our group, you have first choice on adopting-- and they took us up on it!
Here are Hanna and Jill Lee playing-- they are two of DiDi's best friends!
Now DiDi gets into the play group. "Let's see, how can I fit in there??" They had a blast. It's so good to see the three of them becoming such buddies.

Jeanne said, "Now, tell me have you ever seen anything as cute and pretty as this little girl is????? I know must be a little prejudiced :)" I know we've all said the same things-- and YES, it's okay to be partial!

Playing is hard work-- so sometimes, you just have to take a break. Look at that happy face!

Jeanne, give her a hug for me!


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