Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dogs and TV

People say that dogs can't see things on the TV. I bet to differ! I've had dogs reacting to the TV for years!! Here is Max-- he's letting me know that he SAW THAT CAT on the TV. And the cat didn't say anything!!
He is yelling at the cat now. Even with one eye, Max can see that cat!
"Mom, would you tell that cat to get off the TV so I can go back to the window to guard the yard?"

Several years ago, the animal channel had a show on called "Miss Dog USA." I thought it was pretty cute-- and my Scooterbug was beside himself. He kept standing up on his back legs to get a better view. He barked when the people came on, but when the dogs were on, he just stood there, intently watching the show. I finally put the ottoman in front of the set (not too close, don't worry) so that he could relax and watch the show. Who says dogs can't see the TV!!?

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Anonymous said...

Tell that to Nubby who goes crazy when Animal Planet is on!