Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Max and Maggie, Special Friends

Look at these sweet faces!
Max and Maggie are a bonded pair I rescued from a shelter last fall.
I'm trying very hard to keep them together.
If I have to take one to the vet, they are thrilled to be back together when I get home. Max, especially, will run to Maggie, wiggling all over, and sniff her all over to make sure it's still her!
Maggie and Max are not together every minute-- here is Maggie on one of the "dog beds" I have around the house. But, they definitely love each other "the best!"
And here is Max with Scooter. He is guarding the window-- even if he's looking the other way!
Sometimes, you just have to take a break and let the other dog have a turn. Guarding the window/yard is a big job. There may be attack squirrels out there!
Oh, it's you again-- with the camera. Mom, do you ever put the camera down? You seem to be obscessed with taking our picture.

Yes, I think Peke pictures are the best-- right after pictures of my grandgirls!!

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Anonymous said...

Max and Maggie are such a sweet pair.