Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks' Day!

Here is a photo of little Suzy O'Wonton wearing her green St. Pat's t-shirt to celebrate! (and with her pink harness, she looks rather preppy) Willy Wonton is not so fond of "clothes" -- so he is happy to honor the day with his bright green harness!
Cranberry wants to wish you a Happy St. Patricks' Day! If you have one of the PVPC calendars, you can see that she is "Miss March!"

Don't they look like triplets! Here are Lottie, Bailey, and Cranberry. Lottie is my Scooterbug's mom. And Cranberry is her cousin. Bailey is now in heaven. He was a beautiful, photogenic Peke! He fits right in with these two girls. :-)

Did someone up there say something?!

Look at their green feathers and scarves-- they are GREEN for the day! HAPPY ST. PATRICKS' DAY!!


Anonymous said...

They look wonderful in green♥

Natalia said...

Happy St. Patty's Day! What a cute looking group!

Willy and Suzy's mom said...

What a joyful group of Pekes! I love the green feathers, pom-poms and festive kerchiefs they are wearing!