Thursday, March 26, 2009

Suzy's New Pink Bed Part 2

After yesterday blog, I received this note, so I had to share it!

Suzy Wonton wrote me this email: "Hi, my mom tells me that you're the nice lady with all the Pekes who writes the blog! Willy and I love to be included. Maybe you can give some advice... Not only is Willy in my new pink bed but check out the photo below!!!"
"Now Oona's in my bed?! What the heck is going on here? How am I supposed to get my beauty sleep? Help!! Love, Suzy Q Wonton"

I'm so sorry Suzy! It's tough being the only girl and having to share your pink things. At least you know how GOOD your bed is! Now, if Willie and Oona will just get out and let you have it back!! Love, Linda
And here's Oona again-- in case you're wondering about her tail. It got caught in a mean door!! So, she has a cast on her tail. This is a first for me-- I haven't heard of a cat with a cast.
Oona and Suzy's human grandmom had a birthday, so they spent the day with her in New Jersey. Here she's holding Suzy and Oona below. There were flowers and carrot cake and Peke kisses from Suzy!
I wonder if they got any cake?!

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