Friday, March 20, 2009


This is Prissy, new member of Diane's family. Diane rescued Prissy from West Virginia where she was confiscated from a breeder that bred her every cycle of her life. She is learning to love and be cuddled, although she's not real sure what that's all about!! AND she found the basket of toys yesterday - What a mess! :-) She found an orange, flat duck that makes a lot of racket and that seems to be the chosen one!
Her sister "Panda" is learning to share their mom's attention. They both sleep on the bed. Prissy is also a talker! To the untrained ear, it sounds like she is crying, but she is really using "Peke-Speak." She also instantly responds to her name. She'll fly around the corner from wherever she is when you call her. They went to see Diane's mom and Prissy was touring the upstairs. Diane called her - her mom's Persian cat will never be the same, she ran right over him as though he wasn't there. For all I know, she never acknowledged he was even there!

I'm so glad Prissy is now safe and love in her new home.

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Anonymous said...

"Peke-Speak". Ah, now I know that's the dialect Lulu uses to convince me into doing what she wants! Right now she's Peke-Speaking her way of getting on the bed with me. LOL