Monday, March 23, 2009

Gracie Has A New Toy

I received this email from Gracie's mom, Jane. I thought it was pretty cute!! Here are some pictures to remind you of Gracie Lu-- a beautiful, loving, OBEDIENT parti-color Peke.
"Recently in a catalogue, I saw this little laser light that was designed to entertain dogs for hours on end. So being the good Mom that I am, I ordered one for Gracie. I also ordered one for Wilson, since his Mom walks Gracie almost every day. They came today and I unwrapped one of them and put it together. They have different lenses that show a dog, a cricket, a bird and just a red solid circle. I got it all fixed while Gracie sat at my feet and watched every move that I made."
"Then I showed it to her and moved the little red light around on the floor. Gracie sat there and I moved it some more and Gracie just sat and looked at me as if to say, 'Mom are you having fun? What is that thing and why are you playing with it?' "

I put it away and when Fran brought Wilson over, he came charging in, ate Gracie's treat that was on the floor, and jumped in my lap. So Fran took the light and shined it on the floor and Wilson chased it and chased it. All the while Gracie sat prim and proper and looked totally dismayed that Wilson was chasing that silly little light. I do believe that my gorgeous Gracie is an OLD MAID like her Mom who is not inclined to participate in silly games.

Surely am glad I didn't pay much for the laser which will soon became another pet's toy.
Gracie and Jane

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, she's so pretty!