Saturday, June 12, 2010

Amee's Gang

I posted a few days ago-- about Jack being missing. Jack was found, but not alive. We are all so sorry for Lynn, his owner. Jack was a champion and a beautiful, loving boy. Rest in peace, sweet Jack.


Amee helps us out in Richmond. She fostered several dogs for us and did an incredible job. She is also a groomer, and I wish she lived closer to me!

This is Ginger-- she came into rescue in March and was adopted right away. Amee fostered her-- maybe we need to put more dogs with her, since she seems to have such good luck finding homes!! (They all had to do an application, but they were all great homes!)

This is Maddie-- Amee's first rescue dog. She decided to take up both beds in the office! It cracked up Amee. Dogs do give us lots of smile. I have that same bed!! (For the dogs, not me.)

Here's what Amee said: "Here is the circle of friends - Sakks the shitzu, Darby of course and Maddie - they decided they needed a bit more beauty rest and didn't want to get out of the bed and decided to lay in kind of a circle - Macy - the queen of the house and our oldest thought that she was too dignified to be involved with the 3 of them - she wouldn't let me get her pic this morning she had to lay in a bed by herself - I think she needed some down time -"

Here's Darby, on her own, helping her mom at the computer.

This little guy, below, was in need of a new home. He was taken in by another rescue-- I'm so glad. I just wanted to kiss his face!

And this is Ayoshi. We were asked to help him also. I had a spot for him, but his "finder" fell in love and couldn't let him go! So, he went right to his home-- the one he was in! I love it.

Have a great week-end!


lady jicky said...

I am so sad to hear about Jack. He was a handsome boy !

Karin said...

I'm deeply saddened about Jack, my heartfelt sympathy to Lynn.

lady jicky said...

Not sure Linda if my post went through.

I am so sorry about that handsome Jack. Must be very hard for his family at the moment.

Hey - I have those stripey beds here too !!!! Same colour and same size - my two love them :)