Friday, June 18, 2010


You are probably wondering, "Why does she have a picture of an air conditioner on the blog." There is a shelter that needs help to buy three air conditioners to help the dogs and cats not suffer from the heat-- it was almost 90 in the kennel area earlier this week. One dog had to go into the offices because it was having trouble breathing. If you can make a contribution of even a few dollars, it will help reach the goal. You can go to: You can see on this link how much more they need, or if they have reach their goal. You can also send a contribution via the mail to: Saving Furry Friends, PO box 741, Glade Spring,Va 24340. All donations are tax deductible. THANK YOU!

Last September, a shelter called and asked for help with this little one. Look at that face-- it's so precious. I had to take him.
He was missing hair all over, especially his back, probably from fleas. His ears were red and he was not in good shape, thin and in need. We went to the vet to see what we could do for him.
He was so sweet. But, he was ready to go home. :-) "Do you have a real home for me," he seemed to say. I was sure going to try to find him one.
I took him on a home visit a few days later. I wanted to see how he did with new people and he went in and made himself at home. He rolled over fora tummy rub for the couple I was visiting. They fell in love! They adopted him on the spot-- was he auditioning!? I think so. They also adopted the dog I had really brought for them to see. (And they have become wonderful foster parents for our group! Thanks, Beth and David!!)
Here he was, clean, eating well, but still missing a lot of hair. He was now getting great food and lots of love. He was safe and he knew it.
And here he is now-- look at his coat. He's beautiful! I think he is blocking his dad's putt though.
Wiley loves his new home and we love his family. Thank you for all you've done for Wiley, Lilly and our foster dogs!!


lady jicky said...

That is better than Any "before and after" show I have seen on Oprah!

cby said...

I think it's marvelous that the Pekes have additional jobs. Wiley sure makes a cute golf caddy! What additional jobs does everyone else's Pekes have?

Karin said...

Thank-you, Linda, for informing us on how to help the animal shelter in need of air conditioners. So often we think we cannot be helpful enough if we don't donate a sizable sum and then end up doing nothing, but they wrote that any small amount would be of great help, so let's see how quickly we can all help them accomplish this goal to keep the dogs and cats comfortable!
Wiley is adorable!