Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cocoa--Peke for a Day/Farewell to ChiChi

This is Paige and Dani's ChiChi. ChiChi was a tiny Peke who they rescued about 8 years ago. She was kept outside in the winter, and was starving for warmth and attention. Paige brought her home and they loved her ever since. ChiChi was about 13 years old and had a wonderful life with Paige and Dani. She was a tiny one, under 6 pounds. We are so sorry for the loss of this sweet girl this morning. Rest in peace, sweet ChiChi.

I received an email from a family who could no longer take care of their Pekingese, Maximus, and their Cocker Spaniel, Cocoa. They really loved their dogs, but like many in this time, finances made it difficult to give the dogs the care they needed. We knew we could take the Pekingese, who is pictured here. Look at that face! (There will be a blog on him, too.) Cocoa couldn't come into Pekingese Rescue. As hard as I tried to imagine it, he just wasn't a Peke. But, Jeanne and I knew we had to help this boy from going to a shelter. We got on our computers and we sent out emails! Boy, did we send out emails. Jeanne knows a lot of people in rescue, so she sent out a lot of emails!

And those emails were forwarded to others, and......

We found a rescue group in Richmond that could take him. That's the thing I love about rescue people-- we try no matter what dog it is. If we can't take it, we will keep sending the emails out to find someone who CAN take it. Cocoa was one of those dogs. He was eight years old and we knew he didn't have much chance in a shelter.

So, he came on the transport from Maryland to Richmond. Cocoa and Maximus are both very sweet dogs. They had been with their family and they loved the children in the family. They loved other dogs. And even though we couldn't keep them together, we could save both.

So, he came to Richmond and was ready for rescue. BUT, WAIT!!! There was one more email. It said, "I'm in the Richmond area, and would love to meet Cocoa." WOW. Another person wrote and said how wonderful this family was-- So, she came. And her son came, and her husband and her dog. They all came to meet Cocoa.

And Cocoa would not leave their side. It was as if he picked them! He loved their little boy. He liked their dog, too-- even though the dog might take a bit to really like Cocoa. :-)

Instead of going to rescue, Cocoa went to his new home. He is being cared for and he went to the vet for a check up. He needed medicine for his ears and an infection, but he's on his way to being fully healthy. He's already happy!

Thank you to everyone who played a part in his rescue-- to Kris and Jeanne especially. Without you, it just wouldn't have happened. And to his brand new family-- thank you!!! We know his other family misses him, but you can know he is very loved already. His new family said they are "head over heels in love with him." They said they have not seen more than a few with his wonderful personality.

Here he is with his new dog friend, Chance, and his new boy!

You can't tell me that Cocker doesn't have an inner Peke! I think he does, because Peke Rescue knew they had to help him.

His new owner said, "He is just a sweet pumpkin. We are so thankful to Jeanne and Linda for letting us bring him to our home. As my son said that night when we brought him home, “Let’s keep him forever.” We’ll do just that, for the rest of his life." I LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS!!!


emilyp said...

What a fantastic day! I love happy endings too!! yay:)

Jeanne said...

Cocoa is one lucky dog. He now has a great family to love him. He has a great new human brother,Andrew too. He is a great kid....Cocoa gave Andrew a big kiss when they first met. No one could ask for a better ending of a sad story......

Fiona Ross said...

Paige, I am so very sorry to hear of ChiChi's passing. I know you gave her a wonderful, loving home. All my sympathy...

lady jicky said...

I am so happy Mr Cocoa found a home! He was just too handsome to miss out and you two were so good to email around like you did.
You know, there are pekes inside ALL dogs ---- just don't tell their owners! LOL

I send my love to ChiChi's family. They gave that little one 8 great years and that is a wonderful life for a dog that had such a bad beginning.

Karin said...

What a wonderful story about Cocoa! He sounds like a very special dog.

My deepest sympathy to ChiChi's family.