Saturday, June 5, 2010


This blog is about a flower Jeanne gave me. But, lest you say I didn't put a Peke on today, here is one that we just got. She's stunning! We'll give more information on her later-- but she won't last long, that is for sure. In fact, we may have someone interested in her already.
We saved her from going into a shelter-- so she didn't have to go through that!! She's a sweetheart! Jeanne and I worked on this one, but Jeanne did the transport for her. And she had car trouble. :-( Is there a raffle for a new car-- we need to enter it for Jeanne! Now on to the story for this blog: the flower Jeanne gave me. Jeanne and I are good friends, and we share things with each other. We also laugh a lot on the phone and at each other's emails. We can get pretty silly-- of course, we both love Pekes!
I don't know what this flower is called, so Jeanne, when you read this, let people know. She gave it to me last year, but it didn't do much. I planted it in front of one of my front porches, where there's a swing. (I have one of those houses with two front doors-- just to confuse people! "Which door do I go to??") I didn't know how tall it would get. I didn't know it would get beautiful, scented flowers on it.

But, I found out this year-- it was over half my height. I know that's not much, but I was impressed. And it has small yellow flowers on it. You can WATCH THEM BLOOM! (Can you see the Peke in the door behind me.)
It blooms after the sun goes down. We saw one bloom the night before last. My grandkids are here this week-end, and we decided to watch it. It looks like this.
One of the flowers began to open-- you can literally watch it happen! I wanted to call Jeanne in excitement, but we know not to call each other in the evening after 8-- you have to have some time to yourself! But, I was excited! So were my granddaughters.
You can see one fully opened and another in the process.
Here they are.
And then another one opened. And we saw it all! We began to watch the one above it-- was it going to open? My granddaughters were beside themselves.
You can see it begin to open. (I'm so glad my daughter was here with her camera-- it's so much better than mine, which would not take these photos at night.)
It's opening more----
And it's almost done-- isn't is beautiful! There were six of us watching this happen. One of my neighbors even slowed her car down to try to see what we were all watching. (It's the only time I've seen her drive by slowly! haha) THANK YOU Jeanne for my beautiful flower. Last year, there was one plant, this year there are four. I'm going to have a lot of blooms. My family wants to watch it tomorrow night, too. I'm sure the Pekes will be at the door again watching us.


cby said...

I'm originally from Missouri, "The Show Me" State. What you have blooming is one of the Midwest's finest, Oenothera Macrocarpa or" Evening Primrose". We always called it "Ozark Sundrop". The folks in Kansas in friendly competition say it's their state wildflower. But we folks from "Mizzura" know better, this is a "Show Me" specimen, a real show stopper.

There are 4 varieties, I think you have the grand prize, Linda, the 5 ft. variety. Enjoy it and your beautiful grandchildren!

Jeanne said...

Lewis Ginter Botanical here in Richmond have them growing in their gardens. They have them labeled as"common Primerose". Nothing common
about this great plant that's for sure......I have had them growing in my yard about 18 years. The first 9 years I pulled them up thinking they were a weed.....boy was I surprised when I finally let one grow and bloom :)

Karin said...

Wow, is that ever an amazing flower! I have never seen one, they probably don't do well up north. Thanks for sharing the blooming process!
That little peke is very special ~ just gorgeous! I'm thankful she was spared the shelter experience.