Monday, June 14, 2010


Shark was adopted from PVPC about a year and a half ago. He came to the garage sale yesterday and I was able to meet him and his mom and human brother. Hey, Shark, LOOK AT ME.
You're just not going to do it, are you. :-)
Shark's brother and mom were fascinated with Jeanne's garden, especially the Koi pond! We were throwing Cheerios in the pond and they came up, mouths open, to get some.
Shark's brother really liked the OTHER pond and statue, but I won't put a picture of that-- I might be censored. haha
Shark, I'm this way! Come back.
Turn a little more-- another 45 degrees and I can see your face. I'm determined to get a picture of your face!
He didn't listen-- he went the other way. Pekes are so independent.
THERE YOU ARE!! I got the picture I wanted. But, wait, are you laughing at me? I think you are! That's okay. You're precious and we all love you!


lady jicky said...

Linda, I was wondering if you got his face while I was reading todays blog!

He does not like the Pupperazzi!!!LOL

Karin said...

There was just way too much exploring to squeeze in for Shark to pause for a photo:)

Linda said...

I'm not a MD. person-- what is OC?