Tuesday, June 1, 2010


You know from past blogs that dogs need jobs. Well, the crew had one yesterday. They helped me to mow the yard. Can you see it!? Ignore the reflection in the door haha. I'm in my yard clothes, with my big hat turned backwards so I can use the camera. My neighbors see me in all kinds of things when I'm outside working. I'm sure Jeanne can relate to this since she loves to be in her yard, too. We are stunning in the yard.

Andy, on the left, loved looking out the front door so he could encourage me. He talked and chatted-- and Caleb looked at him as if he was nuts. Usually, Caleb is doing it. Ty, on the right, is just watching.

But, Andy really was chatting- and his ears would go up and down as he did it. I was so glad I caught a picture of him "in action!"

And here he is again. HI, CLARENCE!! Look at the beautiful black face-- he was here while his mom was gone for the week-end. Clarence is so perfect. He and Andy and Caleb played all week-end! They slept well at night!

Caleb is glad Andy stopped talking. Ty is settling in for a better view. It's just me, Ty, mowing the yard and taking your picture.

I got more cute videos of Andy playing. He acts like he's been here forever. His skin is healing and he hasn't had an accident since he first got here-- I think he was so excited to be out of the shelter! This is one nice boy-- okay, okay, I admit, he's "very badly bred" which probably means he has something else in him. But, I couldn't leave him. He certainly is mostly Peke. Does that count? After forty years plus years of having Pekes, you'd think I would know a full Peke-- but something my heart takes over in a shelter.


lady jicky said...

I do think Andy's skin is looking much better!
Loved seeing them having a game together.
I must say, not much gardening was being done Linda!

He, he , he !

Dawn said...

Princess likes to watch my family and I doing yard work as well!She lies out on the patio and watches and barks to let us know when it is break time.She is the supervisor!

chynaanddanny said...

Hi, Lisa here, Ba-Ge's mom. That photo with the ears is hilarious.

chynaanddanny said...

I'm glad Andy is doing better. That photo with the ears is funny.
Btw, this is Lisa.

Linda said...

Hi Lisa!! I thought that picture was funny, too! Sometimes, the camera actually catches what I want! I know you photograph all the time. One of these days, I'll get a new great camera!!