Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The garage sale to raise money for Peke Rescue on Saturday was a huge success-- with money AND adoptions! We had so much fun. A lot of us got to hang out in Jeanne's beautiful SHADY (it was hot that day!) garden. That's where we could watch the Pekes meet new friends. Don't worry, they were inside in Air conditioning most of the time.
Paddington Bear, Paddy, came to see if he could find a new friend. We thought Amelia would be perfect for him. Paddy was adopted over three years ago from us.
Amelia came to the garage sale. One covered part of the backyard has a big fan in it. Amelia decided this would be a great place to sit.
Some others joined her.
Missy loved the fan! Aren't her ears cute-- blowing in the wind? :-)
Caleb, in front, decided to find out what they were all doing-- I think he likes the fan, too.
Amelia sat on the steps with her foster dad. She is the happiest girl! I remember when Jeanne and I met to bring her to Va. Beach-- We went into the Yankee Candle store and she rode around in the cart. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. She is just one nice Peke!
Yes, Amelia, you have a new home now and they love you so much! I know your foster mom and dad sure miss you-- but knowing you have a loving forever home is GREAT!!!


lady jicky said...

How lovely Linda, another sweetie finds a home!

emilyp said...

love all the new adoptions!!! yay for happy endings:)

Jeanne said...

The yard sale was a huge success but the adoptions were the highlight of the day. Two great pekes found their "fur-ever" homes. They both got GREAT new parents. What more could we ask for???? CoCo got her new home on Sat. too........Sure enjoyed meeting sooooo many nice Peke people too. Thanks to all who donated items and bought stuff. We had such great helpers too....