Friday, February 22, 2013


 Look at this little two year old.   A shelter in Maryland asked us to help him-- he is terrified at the shelter.  
 He was turned in by his owner and she said he was crated most of the time.   Poor guy!   Crating has its good uses, but to crate a dog most of the time is just cruel.  
 One of our volunteers went to see him.   She said he loves his ball!  
 He has an old injury in one of his eyes, so we'll have that checked out.  The owner said it was injured "by an intruder."   Really?     Don't think she had him treated-- he was unneutered and had no medical records.....
He was picked up on Thursday by a volunteer and we'll begin the Pekingese transport on Sat. to get him to Virginia Beach and a fsoter home here.    Thank you all who are helping!    Chris, Jeanne and I will transport, and Kim will foster.  THANK YOU ALL!!

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lady jicky said...

To keep a dog in a cage all the time is just that Linda - cruel plus he has a shocking eye!
You know what I think about that "owner" --- Karma will get ya!

We are so glad Princeton is with you all - he is a Prince! So handsome !!!!