Monday, March 12, 2018


 Chauncey said this time change is just silly.
 Panda said it's too early--
 Blossom is just ignoring it.
 Gayle's little Rex is not coming out-- not until it's a little later!
 Some of her other dogs are rebelling, too.
Gus let his mom he was sleeping in.
 Charley Babou lives in Canada and there's still snow there.  Daylight Savings Time is supposed to signal that spring is near.  Does this look like spring??
 Kai Kai doesn't care.   He's just a bed hog.
 Nala is resting on Kai Kai-- they both agree that IT'S TOO EARLY!
 Dash said he's too old to worry about time change.  He just likes to sleep.
 Kai Kai-- do you know you're not on the bed?  It's time to get up-- you know. Going outside, eating breakfast...
Nala climbed on to the side table (trunk) and said she was going back to sleep.   What do your dogs think of Daylight Savings Time??   😀


LadyJicky said...

Our daylight saving ends on the 1st of April.

Today you can feel autumn in the air and yet..... we will be in the mid 30c ( around 86f) on the coming weekend. LOL

That little one in Canada.... is he frozen stuck there??? Oooo , looks super cold!!!!

LadyJicky said...

I forgot .... Linda ... how is Kai Kai going??

Kisses to Kai :)

Lost Earring said...

Love seeing how our Furs handle the onset of DST. Ours are doing the exact same thing. We could learn a lot from our beloved Pekingese and other breeds..."We don't sweat the small stuff"