Saturday, April 19, 2014


Alastor is Desi's brother.    He was rescued a few years ago and is an incredible Peke.  He has a big heart murmur, and he can't see anymore, but he still gets around and enjoys his life.
Wow, he has a long tongue!    He is posing with Madge-- another senior that we honestly didn't think would be around this long.     She is a sweetheart, has heart issues, but has such amazing care from Lucinda and Roger that she is still with them.  
They were having their Easter photo shoot-- Desi's will be on the blog in a day or so.
Oh, I love your bunny ears-- do YOU like them?
Bear wore his Easter tie--he wasn't about to let them put on Easter ears!
I see that face-- whoa!    No Easter ears-- I hear you! I hear you!
Madge had her Easter outfit on, color coordinated ribbons and flowers around her.
You're a beautiful little girl-- I know this will be a fun week-end for you!


lady jicky said...

They all look delightful in their Easter outfits!!!

Toni Davis said...

These are wonderful pictures. I don't know how Roger and Lucinda do all they do! All the pekes are so blessed to be with them:) Happy Easter to each of them!