Wednesday, April 23, 2014


 I had a few more pictures from our meeting in Richmond.    We were getting ready to leave and Roger snapped some pictures of Desi and Koko.
Are you tired of the picture taking-- sticking your tongue out at your daddy-- oh my.
Another outfit!  I tell you-- this girl has a lot of clothes!
Are you done yet?  What are you looking at?
Now, I see what she is looking at!     I didn't even notice this at Fiona's house.
Koko was there, too and I just LOVE LOVE this picture of her!   Koko is my foster dog.  She is 11.5 pounds, a little one.    We are working on getting her seizures under control.   She had one this week and one last week, so it's getting better.   She has long seizures though, so when she has them, it breaks my heart!   (I have special meds to give her when she does have one-- and it stops them quickly.)   Two of my own dogs are on seizure meds, so I'm not afraid of them.   I just don't want this little girl to suffer through it.
We are adding a med to, hopefully, get her stabilized.   She is a dollbaby and loves to be near by.    Someone will be lucky to have her.  

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lady jicky said...

My "girls" and I were discussing all those dresses Desi has!
We now think she must be shop lifting! LOL

*I hope little Koko has her meds sorted out and you crack on the best way to treat those seizures!