Thursday, April 17, 2014


 This little one came into rescue last fall.   She is special needs' because she has some back leg mobility issues, but she still gets around.    She is not in pain, her legs just work their own way.
 She is about 11 pounds, a little thing.    She is house trained and just wants to be loved.
 Her foster mom, Liza, dressed her up and Mulan seemed to love it.
 I guess she's a girly girl. :-)     Oh, we do have some of those!
Mulan is being fostered in the Richmond area.   If you would be interested in adopting her, just contact us.    She is a sweetheart!

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lady jicky said...

This one is a sweetie!
I think she would suit someone like me .... I live at home and I have married kids. You have the time to devote to Mulan and I know she will reward you with much love.
Mothers that have the "empty nest" situation (like me) would love this little one.
I have two Peke's that have health issue's but I care for them and this makes me so happy - they have caring homes and the give me so much company and love!
Mulan will do this for you too!!!