Thursday, April 10, 2014


 Meet Simon, an adorable and sweet 1 to 1 1/2 year old male Peke.    His owner surrendered  him-- she was overwhelmed and did not want to take him to a shelter.    (I know the story and she really was overwhelmed.)  
 He's 16 pounds and super friendly.   He does well with children and cats and other dogs.  
 He has big folds but his eyes are fine, and he has had all his shots and is neutered, so he's ready to go!   He does like to sleep on the bed-- he made this obvious at his foster home, as he whined to get on the bed.   He thought that was where he was supposed to be.  
He would like to have someone home a lot, but he is getting used to his new schedule.   He just loves to have attention and someone around.

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Toni Davis said...

He is so cute! So nice to have one that doesn't have huge issues, medical and otherwise I am sure:) I feel sure he will have a home in a short time:)