Monday, April 7, 2014


 Oh, my, the race is on-- look at Koko's ears flying!
 When Maddie arrives (the 4 month old puppy), Koko chases her all over.  
 If Maddie gets in the ivy, Koko won't go in there.    You can see Rammi Ju in the background.  He's begun to get in the chase, too.
 Koko wonders where Maddie went.
 There she is!  
 And there are off again!
 Koko has this tiny "woo-woo" and here she is doing it.  It's adorable!  You can hear it some in this video: Click here: KokoMaddie2 - YouTube
 Come on, Maddie-- get out of the ivy.   I won't go in there!  Click here: KokoMaddie - YouTube
 And Maddie tries to sneak out the other side.
 Koko waits....
 There she is!  She is a bossy little thing. :-) Click here: KokoRammiApril - YouTube
Koko sure sleeps well at night!

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Toni Davis said...

Koko is the cutest little peke! How much does he/she weigh? I love the energy. And sure looks like Macaroon! He gets bursts of energy like that too:) Rammi Ju is gorgeous also. Know your house is busy what with the puppy too! You are brave. With my small house and all the traffic and all the pekies, I just could not handle a large dog! You are an amazing woman!