Wednesday, April 9, 2014


 Many people are not aware of what some of our foster dogs have gone through.   It's horrendous, but we have been able to save some of these and help them on to a new life.  
 Jeff, who adopted Lola (who came from the Arkansas puppy mill bust and who was brought to the DC area), sent me these pictures.    Lola was a puppy mill dog, never having a life until she was rescued.
 Here was Lola after she was rescued from a puppy mill in Lamar, Arkansas.   She had been cleaned up and probably felt so much better!   Don't you want to just kiss her.  
 Jeff adopted her and look at this little beauty!
 She got to be outside in the snow and play and then come in and get warm.  
 Are my buddies out there?  I have lots of friends now!   I'm loved and cared for!
 Here she is with Mimi, her best buddy.   Oh, my, I love your plaid bed!
 Here's Ginger and Lola with their daddy.  
 Ginger loves her home, too.  
 Oh, my, you are so cute.  
 The dogs love Jeff's home.    He has Ladybug, also.    She was a little one who needed a special home, and Jeff gave her that.  
 The life that Lola has now can't even be compared  to the life she had before.    I love being part of rescue where we can help these dogs-- and others from shelters and owners-- to have a new life, a loving life, a wonderful life.    And thank you to Jeff and others who have adopted and given these dogs the homes they deserve...  Oh, my, rescue is amazing.   I'm so glad to be part of it.  

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