Wednesday, April 2, 2014


 Mollie (formerly Missy) came into rescue as a terrified little girl.    Her owner turned her in to a shelter and we don't know what she went through before.    I just wish they could tell us.
 Mollie went to Amee's home-- Amee loves the little girls and Mollie needed special care to overcome her fears.    
 As I chose pictures of her, I noticed she was in bed most of the time-- are you tired little one? :-)
 Okay, this isn't a bed-- it's a pillow-- but she's still resting.   You must have a busy schedule!
 She loves her toys and they are usually by her or near her.
 I think you're sinking here-- do you ever do any work  or have a "job?"
 Oh, I see you must have a job-- you're working here!   Are you sending an email for your mom?
 Whoops-- back in bed again!  
 My goodness, you are so comfortable!
 A toy makes a great pillow.
Your foster mom decided she didn't want you to go anywhere, so she has adopted you.  We're so happy-- we already knew how much she loved you!

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lady jicky said...

Miss Mollie looks like my Coco who is very timid too.

I am so glad you decided to adopt her!