Friday, December 26, 2014


 I love the pictures of Christmas dogs that have been posted or sent to me.   Here is Maddy-- he knows Santa has been keeping an eye on him!
 Abner has a Christmas hat on-- can he get any cuter!!
 Jeanne posted this of Gus and Lucy-- Gus has been adopted and is doing great.   I love this picture.
 Lulu Bea wants to be someone's present.   She is one of our fosters and is available for adoption.  
 Here's Abner again with his siblings-- he's the lower left picture.    These hat pictures are just too cute!   Of course, I'm very partial to Abner since he was one of my fosters.  How could I not be. :-)
 Camden (now adopted) is sticking his tongue out at us?   Why?  Didn't you get everything you wanted for Christmas?
 Ginny is in a red dress by the Christmas tree-- she is so cute.   I bet some of those presents were for her.
 Elwood is resting after Christmas Day-- he's on a Pekingese lounger.   He looks very comfortable!
I hope every one of you had a blessed Christmas day!  

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lady jicky said...

Hey .... move over Elwood !!!

I feel like him after all the food I have eaten !!!! LOL