Sunday, December 7, 2014


 I want to say thank you-- First, thank you, Jackie, for this beautiful blanket you made for Lexie.   Having your pastor bless it makes it extra special.
 Starlight thinks so, too.
 She knows it's not for her, but she gave it a big approval!
I also want to thank Jeanne for the wonderful auction she did to raise money for our Pekes.    She raised over $3,000 and some of that will go to Lexie's care.   She is doing much better, but her bills are still there and she still has a lot of medication and bloodwork that has to be done to monitor her progress.     Her case is a rare one, and I am so grateful to all of you who have donated to help her.
Jeanne is doing a quilt show in Richmond, so if you are near Stir Crazy Coffee Shop, go in there to see the quilts.  I'm sure one will want to come to your home.    
Jeanne comes up with a lot of fundraisers and I'm so grateful for her time and love she gives to help our Pekingese in foster care!  Her foster boy, Bandit, is one of those getting wonderful care from her.  Let's all give Jeanne an on line hug!!   THANK YOU, JEANNE!!!


lady jicky said...

Big Hugs from the gang in Australia !!!!!

Margie Lindsey said...

Many thanks for all you do. We love you always be there to support you.

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Thank you, Jeanne!!!! from Ted & Grace & their mom