Thursday, December 11, 2014


Have you ever tried to take group pictures of your dogs.   Paige did.  And here are the results!
 Paige and Dani have a super pack of dogs-- all Pekes and one Chin (who think he's a Peke).
 Cody, be still.
 Homer is going to correct Cody.  Dani is trying to help.
 Getting settled.....Home telling the other end to behave.
 Where did Cody go??
 And he's back.   But, Cubbie is on the end.
 And he's gone again.    Let's try it without Cody.
 Merit and Niles are the only ones behaving.
 Well, Cody is back, but he's misbehaving again-- or he's hiding and is camera-shy.
 A great shot-- finally!!    I love it!
And they are over it!   Tux, in the middle is bored with it all.   Time to be done.    I'm going to try to do a group shot here.   It should be interesting!  


lady jicky said...

Oh that is me and I only have 2 peke's!!! LOL

Paige said...

I've never had that much trouble getting the Christmas card pic not sure what Cody was thinking but the end result was good Merry Christmas all

Lost Earring said...

We only have three Pekes and it's a real battle getting them all posed at once. The only way is to sneak up on them while they are together but "posing"....forget it.