Tuesday, December 30, 2014


 I have to post Desi's Christmas pictures.    I know everyone wants to see how beautiful she was this year.    Her plaid outfit and the red ornaments are stunning.
 She was looking around for her buddies.     Come join me!
 Dollar and Madge were ready!  
 Madge is a senior Peke who has defied the odds and this is her third Christmas with Lucinda and Roger.   With her heart problems, they never thought she would have even one Christmas with them.
 But, she is a determined little girl and is still there to boss some of the others.  
 This was how Bear felt about Christmas pictures.    Oh my, what an attitude.
 Kipper on the other hand, loved it!    He wrapped himself up in the ribbon.
 He looked up to see if that was okay-- and it was.
 So, he hammed it up a little more-- I can still see you!
 Cody had a little hat on-- no more!   He wasn't into it.    Of course, he has an eye ulcer, so he wasn't really in the mood to be in the pictures.
 It's okay, buddy.   You'll be fine.
 Dawson always has a sad face-- but he is the happiest, most gentle Peke.
 Dawson posed with Dollar and Madge.    I just don't know how Lucinda and Roger get everyone dressed, let alone posed for these pictures.  I'm sure glad they do!
Dawson, are you done or do you see something?      People will have to wait for the New Year's Day blog to see what you are looking at.    That's a little teaser!    These pups had a loving Christmas!

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lady jicky said...

Red is Desi's colour!