Thursday, December 4, 2014


Starlight came to me as a foster when she was 3 years old--6 1/2 years ago.   She just turned 10 years old in October.
She had been abused and not cared for-- and she would not let anyone adopt her.  
Maybe she just plotted to stay here.   
Am I telling stories on you?
 She can get into strange places-- she has an entire house and she curls up in a tiny ball in the corner in the kitchen.  That just does not look comfortable.
 She gets under the coffee table  or climbs up on a table shelf.    And if you call her, she will NOT answer you.  I can look for her all over the place, calling her name, and she is watching me the whole time, silently.    But, if I say, "COOKIE"-- she comes flying!
 She has always been great with our grandchildren.   Here she was with Bitty Bit-- it's one of my favorite pictures.
Starlight is curled up with Max on the couch.  The Christmas decorations are coming out, and she will be supervising to make sure I put everything in the right place.
The pillows, afghans, ornaments, trees, wreaths... they are all coming down to turn the house into a Christmas place.     She is posting her Christmas picture today.   (It is from last year, but I just love it!)   Send me pictures of your Christmas Pekes-- I'd love to do a lot of Christmas blogs this month!   We love to celebrate!


lady jicky said...

I just knew that girl rules the roost in Linda's house!

So Linda , where is Starlight placing the Christmas tree this year? :)

Anna said...

Oh Starlight is so pretty and sweet!!! And she loves her hidey-holes! I think little Oliver is going to take after her coloring wise -- he has the same colors and markings. His hair is starting to grow now. He also hides out and doesn't come when I call him -- and he lets me know that he is boss! I think that Starlight ought to be his Godmother. Would she be up for that??? <3