Monday, December 22, 2014


There are things that we have during the holidays that are not great for our pets.   (Sebastian, above)
Sebastian gets good food-- but table scraps might upset his tummy.  Rich foods that we have during the holidays can give bad stomach issues-- and you don't want that for your pet at any time.   Bones (turkey, chicken) are not good and can cause serious issues.
Sneaky Wu above is a beautiful Peke adopted from us.    He doesn't need chocolate or xylitol (a sweetener that is a sugar replacement).    It can cause lethargy, vomiting.. you don't want that.
Scooby above is beautiful and is available for adoption.    Watch out for plants that have come inside for the winter-- dogs  might think they are a treat, but they might also cause stomach upset.
Freddie Leaf is the post Peke on our calendar for 2015.    He doesn't want to eat ribbon or tinsel or other decorations on the tree.    I have a little fence around my tree since I put ivory soap "snow" on it-- dogs love it, but it doesn't agree with them and so they just can't get to the tree.
Pretty Ollie doesn't eat electrical cords-- but if he was a chewer, he might try to get those extra cords that we have around Christmas for the tree and extra lights.    (My husband has replaced two cords so far this year-- how one of our Pekes found them is a mystery!)  
Macaroon above wouldn't think of eating  a candle, would he?    We love extra pretty scents during the Christmas season.   Candles should not be eaten.   The liquid scents with "sticks" coming out of them so the smell can work its way up can be very bad if the bottle tips over and hits the skin of a dog (or a child).    I don't use those, but if you do, make sure they are in a safe place.
Simon would never knock down a Christmas tree-- but sometimes, visitors and extra stressors can make dogs and cats more stressed during Christmas.   Keep them safe, away from company and doors opening where they can escape.    Many pets are lost during the holidays--
Koko loves her new home!   But, she doesn't think the ducks should be there-- go away!!   She has a good routine in her new home.
And it is good to keep it the same during the holiday-- as much as possible.   It helps to keep the stress down  so they don't get upset.
Try to keep your pets safe during the holidays-- if you're like us, you have company, extra goodies, presents, chaos.   But, we try to keep the dogs routine the same, give them quiet if they are stressed, and make it a good holiday for them, too.     Little Maggie Moo, one of my previous fosters, agrees me me completely. :-)

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Just the best advice !!!

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