Friday, December 12, 2014


 Gracie Lu is happy that Christmas is coming!  Look at that smile.   Gracie sent me an email!  
"Hi Linda, it's me Gracie Lu and I wanted to share my Christmas pictures.  
  I went to Brentwood for my Spa day and you know what?   Santa was there and they wanted to take pictures.
  I had fun and they put a bow in my hair and said I was a gift for Santa. But I told them I was a gift for my Mom.
 Look at my pictures and see how much fun I had.  Sure was a surprise for Mom.  Merry Christmas to all your Pekes, the Bits and you and Matt.
Gracie Lu"
Gracie Lu, I hope you and your mom have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!!
Love, Linda

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lady jicky said...

Oh Gracie Lu ..... what a beauty you are!

I wish you and your Mum a lovely Christmas and New Year Ms Gracie Lu!!!

Mmmm.... my girls are off to the groomers for their summer cut tomorrow!
I think I will say .."Off to the Spa" now I see Gracie Lu calls the groomers a "SPA" !!!
Sadly, my groomer does not have Santa :(