Sunday, June 14, 2015


 In April of 2011, I received a request to take in Akai-- a 5 year old Peke.
 He was timid and did not know why he was given up.
 I was told they had a 2 year old and they were afraid Kai Kai would hurt him.
 Kai Kai has been at my house over 4 years now, around our 5 grandbits and has never done anything to them.
 His color is stunning-- women would pay big bucks for his color and highlights!
 He's getting some gray now--
 He is a good sport when I put hats on him.
 He is great with all the kids and the dogs who live here and the ones who have come and gone.
 His favorite place is on top of the couch-- as long as I am there, too.   He loves me and follows me everywhere I go.
 His face always looks a bit mournful-- he is pretty laid back.  
I fell in love with him almost immediately, but I waited to see if anyone would adopt him.   After a year, I decided he was not going anywhere.   I just adore him.   He is ten years old today!!  Happy Birthday, sweet Kai Kai!

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lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday Kai Kai ....lets pop open the Champagne !!!

Kisses from your 3 girlfriend's in Australia !!!!!