Saturday, June 27, 2015


 Sophie came into rescue, a shelter dog with no hope of being adopted.
 Being labeled as "old, blind" no one was going to get this thin little girl.
 Rescue got her-- and she was young!   Yes, she is blind, but probably has always been that way, so her hearing and smell are very acute!  
 She loves to snuggle, and here she was on my husband's lap.
 And my lap-- She just loves people!
 Her new mom, Tricia, sent me pictures of her new "set up."    One bed here...
 Another one here...
 Food and water bowls are ready...
Little Sophie has a home!
I am just thrilled for her!

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lady jicky said...

Oh I am just so happy to read that sweet Sophie is adopted!

Two warmy beds and a lovely eating station too!

You can be old and blind but .... you can give love and this is what she will do!!!