Tuesday, June 23, 2015


 It's getting hot outside-- I bet Brandy and Camden have their summer cuts.   I will have to check their mom's facebook.
 Koko-- remember my beautiful foster??-- Here she is.   Her mom calls this the "Me and Mini-Me" photo.   Koko definitely rules the roost there.  I don't think she has a summer cut, but if she gets hot, she can go for a swim in her creek!
 My daughter's Gigi loves to go swimming in the river when they are at the grandparents home.   Gigi is a great swimming-- and it's cooling!
 This picture is a teaser-- there will be more on this later this week.   Is that a Pug at my house?   And another Peke?
 Gracie Lu is here in her beautiful summer cut!   My Max gets the same kind-- it's trimmed down, but not too short.  I love her pose-- "Yes, you can see how gorgeous I am."  :-)
 This is little Marnie.   She is going to a long term foster home on Wednesday.   But, in just a few days of care, her hair is already growing back in.  Amazing!!    She is SO sweet and just wants to curl up on your shoulder and be loved.  
She's looking over Susan's shoulder at me.   She loves to run in the yard and be around people.  What a dollbaby-- just think what a few months of love and care will do for her.
 This is Robin's Nicky-- he is a senior she adopted.   He's so sweet and sometimes-- most of the time-- if someone doesn't step up to help, these little ones don't make it.  
 Nicky just had his first spa day-- look at him now!   Beautiful inside and out.
Lulu Bea is at her new home-- I wonder if she will have a summer cut?    She has a pool there to keep cool-- does she use it.   Let me know, Lulu!

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lady jicky said...

Oh they are all so lovely .... special "hello" to Gracie Lu !

Marnie will be a beauty when the skin is under control!

Mmmmm a pug in the house ????

What a mystery !