Friday, June 12, 2015


 Sophie had her surgeries Wednesday and I went to visit her yesterday.
 They knew she had two hernias-- umbilical and inguinal.   (This picture was taken at her ophthalmologist appointment.)
Her spay was first-- but the uterus was not where it was supposed to be.   (You can see how long her incision is in this picture-- I did not want to put a full picture of it.)
It turned out the uterus and one ovary were in the inguinal hernia-- which would have been so dangerous if she had been bred again.    We could tell she had had at least one litter, maybe more.
Why someone would breed a dog who had eye issues shows that some people are just not right.  (I could say more, but I won't.)
I went to Chick-fil-a (next door to the vet) to get her grilled chicken before my visit-- and she ate it all.  YUM!    Is there more?
When she was brought in the room to me, and I talked to her, that little tail just started to wag!    Even post surgery, she is such a sweet girl!
After she ate, she rolled over for some tummy rubs.   She loves those.
Today or tomorrow, she can go to her foster home near me and once she is healed, she will go to her new mom.    She is such a sweet girl!  Thank you to all who have donated for her care-- we could not do this without you.

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lady jicky said...

Oh poor Sophie . My two girls should not have been breeders but they were :(

Like you Linda .... I just cannot understand ... well I sort of can but ... will not say either !

I am doing a little Adoption Dance for sweet Sophie !