Tuesday, June 16, 2015


 Ollie was my foster dog in 2006-- can it be almost nine years!!  
 He was terrified in the shelter near me and they asked me to come.
 He was adopted by an incredible couple and they love him so much-- even when he is a stinker!
 They adopted Buffy later to be his friend.
 Ollie is very protective of his mom.
  He is older now-- about 11.    I am always amazed at them getting older because I remember them the age they were when I had them.
 He loves to get in chairs...
 His sister, Buffy, is smaller and a perfect little girl.   She loves everyone!
 They both have gorgeous harnesses!  
 Ollie has that "mournful" face look that gets to me every time.   A lot of Pekes have this--
 Ollie wears a belly band-- I love the colors he has.    If you have a dog who marks or has bladder issues, these are great!   (Of course, you know to make sure they don't have a bladder infection also.)
 Buffy is taking a rest because her mom was getting ready to have lunch with friends.   Nothing to do but sleep, right Buffy?   Sounds like a great idea!

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lady jicky said...

Oh they are just so cute together!
Just love that last photo Linda!!!!