Tuesday, June 30, 2015


 Little Marnie is doing great in her foster home.   They have renamed her Martini and call her Tina.
 Little Tina is improving daily-- this was last Monday, over a week ago and her skin is even better now.
 She went to meet her foster parents and Susan, who was temporarily fostering her, felt so sad.
 We get attached SO quickly to these little ones in need.
 They know we are there to help them, and get attached right back.  Just look at this face!
 Oh, the look breaks my heart. It's part of fostering, and getting them to the foster home that they need to be in.   My friend, Susan, helps with temporary fostering until a permanent foster home can be found-- what would I do with out her help!?
 Tina's hair is already growing in.   And I love her pink harness!
 She had a little trouble adjusting to her foster home, but now she is with the gang.   She has realized they are all there to be her friends.
 She has baths every few days for her skin-- oh my.
 But, I see a smile after!!
They had a big rain storm (look at it coming off the shed roof) and most of the dogs were scared.   Beau, Tori and Pop were putting on dramatics to be sure their parents understood the world was coming to an end.   Tina was totally relaxed and calm.  
They had company and Tina hid behind the couch.  But, she was way too interested in what was going on, and out she came to meet their visitors.   She has also decided she needs to learn how to use the IPAD.  Maybe she can do a few blogs for me!   I need a helper. :-)
Tina has settle right in and now is new friends with Tori, and Beau.   Life is good!

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lady jicky said...

So happy to see Martini .... the skin and fur are getting better ... you can really see this!

I am doing a very special Adoption Dance for Ms Tina !!! This girl needs a loving home :)