Sunday, July 19, 2015


Bella -- now Bella Ann-- is doing great in her new home.   Look at her new dress!
Bella is  working on training her new best friend, Emma Carol.   How do you think she is doing?
 Emma Carol and Bella Ann are going to be such loving friends!  Emma Carol is a sweetheart.
Bella Ann is loving all the attention she is getting.  She goes with her mom to visit her grandma every week.
She curls up with her Daddy and sleeps in some days.
She watches TV with her mom--    Her mom said, "OH.MY.GOSH!!! BellaAnn is great! I am so in love with this sweet baby girl! She is coming out of her shell and has such a cute, adorable personality!"
Yes, I think Bella Ann is happy in her new home!!

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lady jicky said...

Hell yeah ... Ms Bella is happy in her new home ... that girl has a chauffeur !!!LOL