Thursday, July 30, 2015


 Koko came to me as a foster in March of 2014.   She's a beautiful black and white Peke--
 Absolutely stunning!
 Koko began to have seizures and she did well on a 3 times a day medication regimen.   She knew when it was time for her meds.  Smart girl!
 In November, an application came for Koko-- and it was near my house!  
 We went to visit and it was obvious that this couple had already fallen in love with Koko.
 She loves sitting on Daddy's lap.
 Her mom adores her!!
 I received a call today-- Koko has just been diagnosed with IMHA.  Hemolytic anemia-- this is what Lexie had and I'm very upset.   Koko has now begun the fight of her life.     Please pray for this sweet girl.
She has begun medications and I saw her at the vet today-- I just hope her body heals and she has many years left.   She is such a sweet girl.

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lady jicky said...

Oh no Linda !

You are having huge prayers coming from Australia for little sweet KoKo !!!

Hugs to KoKo's family .