Saturday, July 4, 2015


 Desi and Onslow dressed up so they could wish everyone a wonderful Independence Day!   Most of us know the history of Independence Day, but if you want to read about it again, here's a link:
 I think they will have a very happy Fourth of July.   Onslow is ready for good food!   He's licking his lips already.
 Desi is a beauty-- I have to have her on my special holiday blogs.
 Rammi, I love your hat and patriotic tie!  Blue is your color!
 Wanda is beautiful!
 Your hat is magnificent.
 Cassidy-- your hat is great-- I love the stars on it.   I know there will be a lot of fireworks tonight, so be careful.
 Dawson, you are adorable!
 Dollar, your hat is slipping....
 That's better!

Monkey is one of our foster dogs.  Yes, he is a mix, but he's shy and cute.   He just wants a forever home.   He is dressed up for Independence Day, and ready to go!    Enjoy your day, keep your pets safe and away from the fireworks and noise and celebrate our nation's blessings.

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lady jicky said...

I hope all have a wonderful Independence Day and the fireworks are lovely :)