Tuesday, July 14, 2015


 Sugar Bit is helping me write the blog today.   She is chatting with me, and getting tickled with what she is saying.   I love this age!    She wanted to help with the keyboard/writing, but I decided that I probably should do it on my own.  Click here: sugarbitJuly15 - YouTube    And on to the blog.
We have been asked to take in Roxy and Daisy.   Their owner no longer has help during the day with her Pekes and she is gone long work days.  She would like someone to adopt them who has more time than she can give them.  
 They will be coming to us this week-end.  Aren't they cute!  Roxy was born in 2009.  She is totally blind, but we know that does not mean there is a problem   Just ask Sophie's mom!   (Sophie is doing magnificently in her new home!)
Roxy is spunky, playful, loves her toys, loves people.   She thinks everyone who comes to visit is there to see her.    
Roxy is about ten years old and she thinks it is her job to stay with Roxy wherever she goes.   Before Daisy joined their family, she has been abused by her owners and was timid of all people, especially small children-- BUT, now she is full of love  and life and has the most beautiful face.     Their owner loves them dearly, but since she travels with her job, she cannot take care of them adequately.    We hope to find them a home together.   Stay tuned for updates on this sweet pair!

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lady jicky said...

I do hope they can be adopted together Linda !

They are super sweet and they need each other as their Mum must go away .

I am doing an "Adoption Together Dance for Roxy and Daisy"!!!!

Now ... that Sugar Bit is as sweet as can be! :)