Friday, July 17, 2015


Sophie has been in her new home for almost two weeks!
She made herself at home right away.   She is really amazing-- remember, Sophie is completely blind, probably born that way.   She went down the stairs, carefully, feeling the edge of each step.  Her mom was so proud!   I kept telling people what a wonderful little dog Sophie was-- and she is proving me right!
Her mom told me that when she came home, Sophie was "all jazzed up and wanted to play.   She does a little Peke dance and she jumps up and put her paws on my legs."    This just makes me smile!
Sophie sends me kisses, which I love!!
She loves to snuggle with her mom, and now that she is an only dog, she gets a LOT of attention!!
Here they both are-- watching TV.   Sophie also lets her mom do videos of her.   Here they are!
Sophie has beautiful eye lashes-- her mom sent me a close up.  Of course, I had to get down on my hands and knees to see if the Pekes here had beautiful eyelashes.   You should do the same, and let me know.
Sophie knows she is the princess in her new home-- which she should be.   I'm SO glad that she has her very own, loving and special home.   Homes like hers are what I want for every foster dog we have.   Thank you, Tricia, for adopting her!!


lady jicky said...

Oh I just love Sophie!
Ms Sophie reminds me of my first Peke called Lulu (same colouring and face! ) and Lulu lived to 16 !

Hey Tricia .....just love that photo of your feet and Sophie's watching TV but ..... I did notice that sweet Sophie did NOT have her toe nails painted in the chic and trendy pink colour!!!

I think a "Day of Beauty" is coming up girls!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful morning story. It's hard to hug a monitor but Sophie brings on that need.

I look forward to Sophie and Raymond stories that their mommas pass back to everyone who came to love them as if both were their very own.