Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I have been painting my kitchen cabinets.  WHAT A JOB!  
One side of my island is white-- the other three sides are black chalkboard paint.  With five grandchildren, they will have a blast!   Maybe they can label everything for me.
Chumley stayed out of the kitchen.   He wanted no part of this project.
I used a new paint that is supposed to take more of a beating-- with kids and Pekes, my cabinets can get nicked a lot.   And having white cabinets, means I repaint about every 3 years.
I started putting things back in the island, which is the only one I painted inside and out.   The rest can wait!
Propping all the doors open helped them to dry.  
Chumley and Kai Kai watched-- from a distance!
Starlight stayed in her spot under the table.  
This looked like an accident happened!  But, it was the grandbits cough syrup that dripped into my paint tray.  It really got my attention because it was in the cabinet above, so I had no idea what was happening!   I knew I wasn't bleeding.    I'm a sloppy painter, but not a dangerous one! haha
New paint ready, off we go again.
Lexie got too close-- paint highlights are not her thing.    She was very good when I was getting it out.
Max stayed in the other room-- except for once when he came in and did his roll around thing next to a cabinet door I had just painted.  OH, NO!
Lexie and Starlight were still under the table.
 I finished yesterday-- what a job!    The cabinets, trim, doors... all done.   I will do the inside of the cabinets later-- a lot later!  
We used the cabinets as a back drop for Lexie to model one of the life vests that is on our auction.   Be sure to check it out!!   Click here: (7) Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue Fundraising Page 

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lady jicky said...

Now that is a BIG job but .... it just looks lovely when finished!!

Hell.... now Coco wants Lexie's highlights in her hair ! LOL