Friday, October 16, 2015


 It's that time of year that our group like to have a calendar ready to go.   Annabelle thinks she should be on it.
 Ally thinks the calendar should go forward-- and put her in it.
Of course, my Chumley, a PVPC graduate, think he should be front and center!
 It takes a lot of work to put out a calendar.   We ask for photos, but if they aren't a certain size and quality, we just can't use them.   And sorting pictures, resizing them, getting them "ready" just takes a lot of time-- we don't have a lot of time.
 Koko, one of my fosters, is so beautiful and her picture is definitely worthy of being in the calendar.    At least, she thinks so (and so do I).  
 Milo is so cute--
 So is Lulu Bea.  
 Maxine should be on it.
 Melrose is adorable.
 Monkey turned out to not be a Peke-- but we were committed to help him-- so why not put him in the calendar.
 Oh, the cute ones who have passed through our rescue, and most have gone on to forever homes.   Dylan is a beauty.  What a smile!
 Rammi shows his can be quite photogenic--  I love all these pictures.
 Of course, we could do a calendar with pictures of Desi, our little model.    I would buy one.  
 And my sweet foster, Sophie is a stunner.
 Coco could represent Australia in our calendar.
 And Rudy could be our senior rep!
 Of course, Shakespeare wants to be on it.
 Tai is stunning with his tie and hat.
 Yodi shows the joy of travel-- safe in rescue.
 Sugar Bit should be on the calendar-- she's my little helper!  
 Bella Ann would be willing.
 And so would Bennett-- he's a beauty!
 Madeline wants her toy to be included.   It's always with her.
 And adorable, sweet Mickey is just one you want to kiss.
Starlight loves our calendar-- but she's in a lot of the blogs, so she is willing to share the space.   Tell us what you think about a PVPC calendar for 2016.   Are you okay with our pictures of our fosters?   Do you want your pictures to be included?   Would you buy ANY PVPC calendar to support us?   Let us know-- we need to make a decision! :-)


Anonymous said...

This calendar would make a really great Christmas gift for my husband with all 3 of our Fur Babies in it and the who FB Fur gang. It's a way of connecting with the people we talk to every day on Facebook.

lady jicky said...

Whatever you do ... the calendar is always beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!