Friday, April 26, 2019


 In May of 2012, we were asked to take in a 4-5 year old Peke from a shelter.  She was sweet, but nervous there, so they asked for rescue help.   Jeanne picked her up and fostered her.  But, she was quickly adopted.
 Lulu Belle was a beautiful little girl, whose smile lit up the room.   Amy and her family loved her.
 She enjoyed going to the beach-- those waves didn't scare her!
 The cool water felt great on her feet.
 She adored her kids.
 She was always so good with them, and was their little Nanny dog.
Lulu Belle was sick and her mom took her to the vet-- she thought it was a back issue and they gave her meds.  But, she died during the night, so something else must have been going on.   She was 12-13 years old and her smile and presence will be missed greatly.  Her family is devastated.  We are just never ready to say good-bye to them.   Run free now, sweet girl.  You are loved.  💜


cheryl white said...

We know the feeling!Go get another when you are ready its the only thing that help us!Yes tears will always come out of no where.But hold another!God Bless for the days you had together!A MEN!

Lost Earring said...

This is so sad. We lost our boy Patches in the same manner. A trip to the vet late one Wednesday night when he was suddenly in pain. I held him all the way to the vet's office. We had called and asked her to meet us at the office and she came immediately.

Patches was gone in just under an hour and I cried and cried but at least I was holding him close as he lay on the examining table. He had cancer but never showed a single sign of it because he was very active for a 14 year old boy until that terrible night.

I still start crying every time I think about that awful night and questioned myself and the vet over and over because just less than a year before he had surgery to remove 5 large kidney stones and had a hard time bouncing back from him. He recovered and was back to his old self in about 2 months but I keep asking myself if we might have missed something...some sign.

LadyJicky said...

What a wonderful life Miss Lulu Belle had when she found her 'Furever family' .... I can see this in those fabulous photos you posted Linda and you can see she will be so missed .