Sunday, April 7, 2019


 Mr. Winks came to us as a puppy who had so many allergies.  His owner turned him over to us because she didn't know how to help him.   His foster parents were incredible and helped him so much.  They couldn't let him go after he had been there awhile. 
 He has to be on a very special diet that is very limited, but he does great.  He sent me an email.  Here is it: 
"I know it’s been a long time since I wrote. It is exhausting being me. I wanted to tell you about my day today. What a day! My daddy and  I go to coffee on Saturday.  There were so many people out and I got to bark at so many puppies ( and people)   I like to let them know who is boss.  We went to get my Mom a special treat.  A chocolate croissant and a scone  for her afternoon tea.   Now I didn’t want to tell dad that she isn’t eating that stuff but he said she will like these.   When we got home my Mom was so excited she gave me a big kiss.   She knew it was all my idea.
  My Mom had her tea and that scone thing. She even went and got something called clotted cream..I am a great foodie but yuk..give me Greek yogurt with apple. :) 
I am glad the weather is getting nice cause I get to go to day camp. They love me there. When I go the girls scream and come running and give me hugs and kisses ..I am a rock star. 

I just wanted to tell you about my nice spring day and I hope to be at the picnic. 
Big hugs and loves to all the Pete friend and Camp Runamuck.
Love, Mr. Winks"
Mr. Winks says HAPPY SUNDAY!

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LadyJicky said...

Happy Sunday Mr Winks!

How I wish I could be at the picnic to meet you !