Tuesday, April 23, 2019


 Marshmallow came into rescue earlier this month.   He was a wonderful boy!
 We don't usually get 2 year olds, and he was house trained!  Yahoo.
 He was not a bit alpha, and loved the dogs at my house.  And he played with Paddington and Piper and they all went on merry chases around the yard.
 He went to Yankee Candle with me, and rode in the cart to see Santa.
 Santa?!  Did you say Santa?! 
 I sure did!
 We met a possible adopter at Yankee Candle, and Marshmallow went home with her to meet her dogs.    (She already had an approved application-- and a great home and vet check.)
 He met Maggie, and young 1 1/2 year old.
 He met Lucas.   They are both really nice dogs.
 He and Maggie became instant play mates.
 Look at her ears!
 During a break in play, they both posed.
 Marshmallow doesn't care who he snuggles with.  And Lucas thought he was just fine. 
While he's been there, both other dogs have become more secure and happy which the adopter didn't realize might happen.  Marshmallow had been such a great addition to their family.  And you can tell he's a happy boy!!   Welcome to your new home, Marshmallow-- thank you for letting me be a short part of your journey!! 💙💛


LadyJicky said...

How lovely!!!

I am so glad that cute Marshmallow found a wonderful home :)

Lost Earring said...

Sweet Marshmallow playing with his new siblings is just too cute. He has the sweetest laughing face and nature. Another Furever Adoption story. We sure can use those happy endings.