Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Little Clara...
She is so small that she gets cold easily, so I have gone through my outfits and pulled out the small ones. 
At Christmas, we matched.  
Many of the small outfits belonged to my Starlight-- I'm glad to see them used again on a sweet little girl.
We had Christmas outfits and Christmas "collars."   This one jingled.
I think the sweaters gave her super powers as she became a mountain climber.
She was happy to show them off.
I love this little plaid one on her.
Snowflakes in white and pink definitely suited her.
I had a tiny pink fleece jacket. 
And the elf outfit!!  She tolerated my antics.
Colder days meant a thick sweater.
And a soft coat was added.
This is a little sweatshirt hoodie.  It fits her so well!   She was given clothes that belonged to a favorite little one, Harley Marie, who left us this past year.  Her mom is so generous.
The vet even joined in when they dressed her up for a picture.  I wondered why she was in the back so long-- she was so sweet and everyone loved her.
A t-shirt with mittens on it were okay-- but it was just too big.  She kept coming out of the arms. 
This soft jacket was added for another cold day in December.
This Christmas dress also belonged to Starlight-- it was long on Clara, but it fit everywhere else.
I'm not sure which color I like best on her.   What do you think?
Whatever she wears is adorable.  I'm not one to dress my dogs, but Clara needs extra covering to keep her warm, so I'm happy to do it.  Clara has her dental this morning, so I will be up early to take her in.  I'll be a little anxious as I wait for the call that she is okay.   Say a prayer for this sweet girl today.  💜


LadyJicky said...

I do hope all went weill with Clara's dental !

That girl is a model .... anything you put her in she looks " Peke Chic " !!!

Lost Earring said...

Sending more prayers for today's surgery. Love you little Claara.