Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Camp Runamuck at Christmas is not like most people's Christmas. We have xpens around the Christmas trees.

"Can I get in there?" There's a large door hanging bell to let me know when Beach Bit is trying to get into the ornaments on the tree.

The night before Christmas, the girl Bits set out juice and snacks for Santa. We decided he may have enough cookies, we they put out crackers and cheese for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer.

There were new toys to play with the next day.

And dogs vegging out on the couch. Max found a safe place from the chaos.

Kai Kai was in the midst of the gift opening. He seems to be overwhelmed by it all.

Drill Bit was concentrating on a gift that had cars in it. Fun!

Odin saw the balls on the top-- BALLS!! Are those for him?

Beach Bit and Drill Bit are checking out the car ramp and the cars. Two boys at Christmas-- what a treat. (I had daughters, so boys are a new adventure for me.)

Bitty Bit is having a great time.

Then the boys go onto the slide. That's in my study-- my study hasn't been just an office for awhile now! I have to watch kids when I'm working.

Sweetie Pi found Odin's bed-- the one full of toys. It didn't bother her. She just curled up on all of them. It was a safe place to be while the gifts were being opened.

"Mom, she's in my bed!"

And then Kai Kai decided to find a lap and take a nap. Christmas is rough with all the kids and gifts and dogs (nine here for Christmas). It's time to sleep!


lady jicky said...

I would take the expen away from the Christmas tree, lie down somewhere warm and put that pen around Me!!! LOL

Looks like you all had fun !

cby said...

Melinda, you are so funny! What is Christmas without kids and dogs?

Linda said...

I'm tempted to get in the xpen at times and hide!!

emilyp said...

love the pics, your grandkids are all so adorable!!